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Your Book, Your Way: How to Choose the Best Publishing Option for Your Book, Your Wallet and You - Sonja Hakala

Have you ever thought of writing a book -- for yourself, for your family, to promote your business, to share your story or experience with the world? If your answer is "yes" to any of these than this is the book for you. Author Sonja Hakala compiles, in one place, an overview of all the major publishing options -- independent publishing, private publishing, self-publishing, traditional publishing and electronic publishing -- so readers get an understanding of each in order to achieve exactly what the title promises. Hakala's 196-page book is packed with useful information including the history of publishing and how to really assess a book from the inside and out in order to make sure yours is up to par with traditional publishing standards. Having worked in publishing for 25 years, Hakala knows the industry and she has "put her money where her mouth is," so to speak, by independently publishing her book through her own company, Full Circle Press, it is a beautiful testament to those writers who choose to take this route in seeing their book come to light. This book just feels right in your hands and once you open it, you'll find yourself immersed in a world that few writers ever truly understand, yet, Hakala is there to help you navigate it. As a memoir writing instructor and writer myself, I plan to comb the pages of this book for both my own benefit and that of my students. I have already recommended it to those that have completed their memoirs and the great thing about it is Hakala's tome offers something for both those who have a story to share with the greater world and those who want to limit their audience to their immediate families. As far as I'm concerned this is a must-have for any writer or lover of books, for that matter. Material on the history of book publishing and the design of books really has a greater audience. Having heard Hakala speak in person, this is the opportunity I've been waiting for -- a chance to soak up all the knowledge she has to share at my own leisure. I better stop now so you'll have a chance to go buy this information packed book and begin to write your book, your way!

Source: http://www.amazon.com/Your-Book-Way-Choose-Publishing/dp/0979004616/ref=cm_aya_orig_subj