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June 2015
reviewed: Thieves of Fire
Disclosure time. I know Sonja Hakala, I read and reviewed her last book. Further disclosure, I am not a big fan of mysteries....
February 2014
text: Interview with Barbara Techel, Through Frankie's Eyes
Interview with Barbara Techel author of Through Frankie's Eyes.
reviewed: Doxie Brings About Transformation
From Pack of Two to Marley & Me, the best part of reading a dog book is seeing the changes and impact the dog had on the huma...
Through Frankie's Eyes: One Woman's Journey to Her Authentic Self, and the Dog on Wheels Who Led the Way - Barbara Gail Techel
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reviewed: Your Book Your Way
Have you ever thought of writing a book -- for yourself, for your family, to promote your business, to share your story or ex...
Your Book, Your Way: How to Choose the Best Publishing Option for Your Book, Your Wallet and You - Sonja Hakala
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reviewed: Dog View Point, Fast-Paced Thriller
I first learned of Amy Shojai’s book Lost and Found through Blogpaws, a site for pet bloggers and received a free copy from S...
Lost And Found - Amy Shojai
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reviewed: More than Just Another Dog Story
I love dog books, but I admit some are better than others. Russ Ryan’s It’s Just a Dog is one of those. The thing is I wasn’t...
It's Just a Dog - Russ Ryan
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text: A Second Interview with Barbara Boswell Brunner author of Dog-Ma The Zen of Slobber
A Second Interview with Barbara Boswell Brunner.
text: Interview with Barbara Boswell Brunner author of Dog-Ma:The Zen of Slobber
Author Interview with Barbara Boswell Brunner .
February 2014
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text: An Assortment of Canine Characters
Dog-Ma, The Zen of Slobber. As a dog lover you probably identify with that title and if you don’t, you’re at least likely to ...
Dog-Ma, the Zen of Slobber - Barbara Boswell Brunner
reviewed: A Glimpse into Small Town Life
If you live in a small town, the dynamics of Sonja Hakala’s novel The Road Unsalted will be familiar to you. If you live in t...
The Road Unsalted: A Novel of Carding, Vermont - Sonja Hakala
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